Artwork Selection Process

The Organizing Committee of the International Painting Biennial from Mexico will announce on September 1, 2017 the final decision from the Selection Committee as to which 100 pieces of artwork will be a part of the official selection. The information will be broadcasted on the Biennial’s web-page, as well as on the main national and international media communication systems. The decision from the Selection Committee will be un-appealable.

A maximum of 100 pieces of artwork will be selected for their exhibition, which include the acquisition, awarded, and honorific mention artwork.

The physical reception period of selected artwork will be from September 1, to October 21, 2017.

The reception’s address will be the same address from the Organization Committee in the city of San Luis Potosí, and it will be made known to the selected artists. The Committee will only receive artwork which was previously selected.

Each selected piece of artwork must be sent in with all of the elements and equipment needed for its exhibition and with its respective data sheet on the back, indicating: author’s name, title, creation date, technique, dimensions (in the following order: height, length, thickness, and weight), and appraisal value.

With the purpose of maintaining the never before published character of each artwork, any other replica or exhibition of the same will be cancelled until the Biennial is over.

The chosen artwork will be handed in with the necessary equipment for their exhibition, including elements which, due to their nature, demand periodic replacements.


Participants must register and send in their documentation through the corresponding application link, which will be on the Biennial’s web-page starting on March 1, 2017, from 12:00 noon, and concluding at 24:00 on July 15, 2017 (GMT Mexican time).

It is recommended that participants enter all information curing a single session on the webpage to ensure complete reception of all necessary information.

The following is needed to register:

  1. Name of the artist
  2. Address (street name, house number; apartment number if applicable, city, state, zip code, and country)
  3. Birth date and country
  4. Phone numbers (home, cellphone, work)
  5. E-mail/web-page
  6. Data sheet of each of the participating artworks:
    • Title of the artwork
    • Date of creation
    • Technique (for mixed techniques, describe materials)
    • Measurements in centimeters (height, width, thickness)
    • Weight in kilograms
    • Appraisal value
  7. Artist’s qualifications/CV (the artist must have at least two individual expositions, and collective expositions, collections, awards, or artistic residences in which he/she has participated)
  8. Exposition vouchers (catalog copies, journalistic notes, participation certifications)
  9. Digital image of each work of art in .jpg format, in 1024 x 768 pixels and 72 DPI. The file’s title must correspond to the artworks’ titles.

Each participant must accept the terms and conditions included in the application form.
Any artwork that does not fulfill the previously described requirements will be automatically disqualified.

It is recommended to every participant that they use the best possible quality of the images, in order to allow the best appreciation of their artworks.

When concluding the online registration, a unique confirmation number will be generated to prove the satisfactory completition of the application process.

The Artwork

Each artist can submit a maximum of three works of pictorial art to be considered by the Selection Committee. The artwork must be in the following format:

The artwork must be bi-dimensional, in individual format, with a maximum measurement of 150 centimeters in each of its sides.

The submitted artworks must integrate elements and materials that permit future montage. Artwork of ephemeral consistency will not be accepted in any case, nor artwork which contains elements that endanger the security of the people or the gallery’s property. Be prepared in case you’re selected; all artwork must be ready for exhibition. Artwork that does not respect the previously mentioned specifications will be disqualified.

The Biennial will only accept original artwork that has not been published before, and has been created in 2016 or later. It cannot have been previously exhibited in other contests, in any mode (neither physically nor virtually). Replicas from previous artwork will be inadmissible.

The concept of the Biennial will be “Art and Peace”.

Art generates a sense of consciousness about the value of mankind, its essence, and its complexity. It opens a world of possibilities, to generate new opportunities to live a dignified and gratifying life. Art cures the individual, and restores social ties.

Using art as a tool to generate peace is an urgent task, seeing as in the world there’s a countless number of countries living with internal or neighboring conflicts. Fortunately, there’s also the observable existence of effort and goodwill, which fight day after day for art and the achievement of peace. There are proposals which peacefully promote both cultural diversity and biodiversity, with the intention of achieving the survival of the planet in conditions of equity, solidarity, democracy, sustainability, and respect for human and environmental rights.

The content of the Biennial is open to interpretation, analysis, and experimentation, using art as a tool to generate peace.  

Participation Guidelines

Individual participation from Mexican and international visual artists is encouraged. Participants must be a legal adult in accordance to the current legislation in their country of origin or residence (previous residence accreditation).

Also, participants must be visual artists receiving a personal invitation by the authorities of either Cuba, Columbia, Spain, Germany, or the United States of America. All participants are held to the same standards, have the same responsibilities as, and will be treated and judged equally in comparison to the Mexican artists.